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Quill Dip Feather Pen

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Quill Dip Feather Pen
Material: Alloy + Feather Nib Type: Stainless Steel Pen nib Size: 0.7mm Feather Color: Red, Black,Green,Purple,Orange,Blue,Yellow Ink Supply Method: Dip Pen Ink length: Approx. 26 cm / 10.23inch Size: Approx. 26 x 11.5 cm / 10.23x4.52 inch Weight: 48g Characteristics: This is a dip pen, made of natural feathers and alloy, elegant, antique, and unique. You can write 20-30 English letters after soaking in ink once. Comes with 5 calligraphy nibs. High-alloy tip material, good for writing, -resistant to wear, and is not easy to damage. Lightweight, very comfortable to hold, so very handy to practice handwriting with it. Package List: 1 x Feather Dip Pen 5 x Calligraphy nibs

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